5 Email Templates for A Newcomer’s Job Search

5 Email Templates for A Newcomer’s Job Search

Over the course of the job search process, you are bound to find yourself in one or more scenarios in which email communication will be required.

These scenarios will range from your first contact with an organization or Recruiter, an introductory note to accompany your resume and application, follow-ups to a previously sent communication, or a
thank you note for a recent interview.

No matter the context, composing and sending an email that is clear, concise, and professional is imperative. After all, these messages have the power to sway a recruitment decision in or out of your favour.

In order to assist with the composition of these ever-important emails, we’ve compiled a handful of templates that we encourage you to adapt to whatever scenario you find yourself in.

But first, here are “5 quick tips to follow when composing professional emails:

  1. Compose a meaningful Subject Line. It’s OK to keep it short, sweet and accurate, but never leave it blank.
  2. Personalize. Address the email to the recipient’s name. This small but personal touch will deepen to the reader’s engagement in your message.
  3. Be Specific and Concise. Be very clear as to your objective in writing this piece of correspondence. If you’re writing to thank them for their time, say it. If you’re asking for a mentorship opportunity, ask.
  4. Include a Simple Sign-off. A simple “thank you” “sincerely” or “best” will suffice.
  5. Proofread! Nothing will cause your reader to tune out quicker than typos or spelling errors. Don’t skimp on the proofreading (and don’t forget to attach your attachments)!


5 Email Templates to Assist with Your Job Search:

  1. Job Application
    ~when applying for a job posted on a company’s website~

    Subject Line: Application for (Title) position at (Company)

    Dear (Recruiter/Hiring Manager’s name),

    Please accept this as my application for the (Title) role as found on your company’s website.

    I greatly admire the (attributes) of (Company) and am very excited by the prospect of joining your team. I believe that my (relevant skills/experience) more than meet the needs you’ve expressed in your posting.

    I have attached my up-to-date resume in support of my candidacy and am willing and able to start this role (immediately/with two weeks notice).

    Looking forward to discussing this role with you further.

    Jane Smith


  1. Sharing Your Resume With Agency Recruiter
    ~when sharing your resume with a recruiter in order to ask if they have relevant roles~

    Subject Line: Excited to explore opportunities through (Recruitment Company)

    Dear (Recruiter/Hiring Manager’s name),

    I am an experienced (Title) currently seeking a new (contract/permanent) opportunity in Toronto’s Tech Industry.

    I have attached my up-to-date resume which highlights my (detail relevant skills and experience) and demonstrates the value I would bring to any company on your roster. I am available to start a new assignment (immediately/with two weeks notice).

    I look forward to discussing any roles you currently have available.

    John Smith


  1. Following up
    ~when following up on your original email applying for a job or sharing your resume~

    Subject Line: Checking in

    Dear (Recruiter/Hiring Manager’s name),

    I recently applied for the role of (Title) with (Company) and wanted to follow up to reiterate my strong interest in this opportunity.

    Please let me know if there is anything further I can provide in order to demonstrate my skills and experience. I am quite certain that my (relevant skills/experience) would make bring tremendous value to your employers.

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Jane Smith


  1. Voicemail follow-up
    ~when following up to a voicemail you have left for a Recruiter~

    Subject Line: Following up on (Title) role opportunities

    Dear (Recruiter/Hiring Manager’s name),

    I recently left a voicemail with your office in order to schedule some time to discuss any (Job Title) roles for which you are currently recruiting. I thought I would send you a quick follow-up to reiterate my interest in these opportunities. I believe my (relevant skills/experience) would make me a tremendous asset to your employers.

    Please let me know when you would have some time for a call or an in-person meeting to discuss these opportunities further.

    John Smith


  1. Requesting mentorship opportunity
    ~when emailing a peer on LinkedIn to request a conversation and mentorship~

    Subject Line: Fellow (Title) who would love to connect

    Dear (Prospect’s name),

    I am an experienced (Title) who has recently relocated to Canada. In preparation for my job search, I am looking to connect with an established (Title) who would be willing to share some of their own experience in the industry. Specifically, I’m hoping to gain some insight relating to Canadian corporate culture as it pertains to our field.

    Would you be willing to schedule a phone call so that I can ask you a few questions on this topic? I won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time and am happy to meet/talk at your convenience.

    Many thanks,
    Jane Smith


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