9 Tips to Effectively Search IT Jobs in Canada

9 Tips to Effectively Search IT Jobs in Canada

The dreaded beginning of a job search. We’ve all been there. With so many avenues to explore, sites to search, resources to tap into and agencies to connect with, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. Especially so if this is your first experience job hunting in this particular market.

On the flip side, having such ease of access to our professional networks (and to their network), to job fairs and networking events, and to so many resources for identifying and applying to vacancies, is nothing if not advantageous.

Any one of the available job seeking resources can aid you in your job search, but when taken together, the likelihood that you will land the contract you’re after with the organization you want to be in business with is magnified.

In order to help simplify and direct your job search process in Canada, we’ve outlined the first (and next) steps that will allow you to make the most of the resources at your disposal.


  1. Write a professional resume
    There’s no way around it — a resume is essential to the job search process. Both a bona fide requirement when applying for any role, and an invaluable tool for generating interest in your candidacy, we can’t overemphasize its importance.
    Being such an integral document, there is a lot you need to know. Here are a handful of resources to help you craft a potent and persuasive professional resume:

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile
    A well crafted LinkedIn profile is among the most vital tools you can include in your professional tool kit. Potential employers are almost certain to review it, and adding such details as a professional photo, projects and endorsements to your profile will only add appeal and credibility to your candidacy. Create your LinkedIn profile here
  1. Utilize the “Career Interests” feature on LinkedIn
    Another valuable feature on LinkedIn Career Interests allows you to signal to Recruiters that you are open to new job opportunities. Simply turn the “Let recruiters know you’re open” function “On” and identify the types of jobs you’re interested in. Activating this feature — along with a statement in your profile’s Header to indicate that you are actively looking for work — will increase the likelihood of someone reaching out to you with an opportunity.
  1. Post resume on job boards
    A longstanding avenue for job seekers, online job boards such as Monster and Indeed provide a portal to thousands of available jobs, while allowing you to create a profile and upload your resume to their sites.
  1. Search for jobs on LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and Google via direct companies and recruitment agencies
    Not only do online job boards and networking apps allow you to search according to job categories and keywords, they also provide the ability to search by company and by recruitment agency. Making use of this avenue will enable you to target your search to specific organizations on your radar, as well as to recruiters who have access to employers and roles that might not be as easily accessed through other means.
  1. Apply for jobs on various company websites
    Another means of locating and applying for roles is to go straight to the source — through the company’s Career page. While this hasn’t proven to be the most effective application method, it’s yet another avenue for getting your resume out there.
  1. Connect and build relations with agency recruiters
    A prime benefit to connecting with and building relations with agency recruiters is their access to jobs from multiple clients, many of whom they have already established proven track records. This will not only increase the number of roles you will have access to, but can also lend some heft to your resume when it is put forward on your behalf.
  1. Attend relevant networking events
    The reality of networking events is that you simply never know who you’ll meet. The person you’ve decided to approach could very well turn out to be your future employer, or could become the person who puts you in contact with your future employer. Taking advantage of such sites as Eventbrite and Meetup will help to widen your network, and the wider your network, the more likely you are to find the role you’re looking for.
  1. Follow-up.. follow-up.. follow-up..
    That old cliche, the squeaky wheel gets the grease? It’s absolutely true. Whatever you can do to return to the forefront of a potential employer’s mind will help to reinforce that you are still available, interested, and willing to take the next steps whenever they are.


Next Steps?

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