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Our culture of care and the values we embrace has made ProViso one of Toronto’s top performing IT staffing agency and career consultancy organization in Toronto.

Our core values

ProViso Core Value of Passion


Simply put, we love what we do! We strive to be the very best we can be, always seeking new ideas, following our curiosity, and identifying areas of improvement to serve you better.

ProViso Core Value of Accountability


We rise to any challenge and take ownership of results, acting with urgency and integrity to meet our commitments.

ProViso Core Value of Collaboration


Helping others grow and succeed is the reason we exist! We strive to build strong foundations of trust within our team, being thoughtfully candid, and acting together as one.

ProViso Consulting Cover Value of Empathy


We seek to understand others points of view, listening to understand the true needs and goals of jobseekers and employers, and acting with compassion and genuine care in everything we do.

About ProViso Consulting

Our story

Before we started ProViso, we ourselves were IT professionals. Back then, just as it is today, there were certain sentiments generally held about staffing agencies. We the jobseekers felt a bit discounted as if we weren’t really part of the equation, stuck between the agency’s interests on one side and the employers’ on the other. The recruiters too only seemed to have interest as long as they perceived a potential hire in us. Once that possibility was ruled out they no longer had the time to return voicemails or provide updates.

Having gone through this experience on more than one occasion, our founders began to dream about a staffing agency that treated job seeking professionals as nothing less, and resource-seeking managers as nothing more. What if the contractors were treated as clients too? What if the recruiting staff was rewarded not merely for their targets but their empathy and respect towards consultants? What if the staff were treated as the most prized asset?

Eventually, the day would come that provided the push to realize these dreams. Armed with the desire to fulfill bold ideas that would redefine the recruiter/client relationship, ProViso Consulting was born.

We grow through referrals

Through our core values we consistently exceed the expectations of our employers and jobseekers by delivering superior value and service experiences. This ethos of putting you first has allowed us to grow 100% year over year solely through existing client referrals.

ProViso Consulting Referral Growth
ProViso Consulting Empowering Success

Empowering success

Whether you’re a Jobseeker looking to advance your career in IT, or an Employer seeking top hard to find technology talent, the ProViso team’s extensive experience in technology, deep industry knowledge, and range of innovative tools and services are here to empower your success!

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