Cloud Storage Engineering – Azure

Cloud Storage Engineering – Azure

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Story Behind the Need:

• Business group: Cloud Engineering – main teams are responsible for creating platform (Kubernetes) and all connections for logging monitoring chargeback and setting up all processes around creating/establishing Cloud resources for different projects; creating processes for automating releases; spearheading creation and management of new resources coming to Bank; some teams are responsible for CICD processes – encompassing Bank’s security and auditable processes to go from development/non-prod to production environment; DevOps teams assisting in SDLC; troubleshooting and acting as a point person between development and operations teams.
• The Bank has embarked on the journey to modernize both development practices and tools. One of the main areas of transformation is the public cloud and the various platform technologies that support both development and operations on the cloud. The aim is to provide a streamlined process and framework which will allow the development teams to focus on building business logic. We are looking to build our development team with influencer, makers, creators, and industry leaders who will drive us forward.
• Project: Cloud Acceleration Program – moving towards Google Cloud, team will be focusing on virtual learning machines in the Cloud, initiative to move virtual machines from private cloud environment VMWare to GCVE/GCE environments; in initial phases; program will take a few years before is fully completed

Candidate Value Proposition:

• The successful candidate will have the opportunity to gain exposure to latest technologies in the market in a progressive organization, grow their GCP skillsets, visibility with senior stakeholders and different business groups.

Typical Day in Role:

• Senior: Own the task through to being done and discuss task with stakeholders, discuss options for technologies; pros cons and alternatives; key indecision making
• Key accountabilities include managing, development and maintenance of cloud platforms, services, and components to enable safe enterprise-wide use of public cloud offerings
• Technical ownership/leadership of a component of a larger product.
• Managing, implementing, and refactoring code (Go, Python, etc).
• Ensuring software, programs and applications are developed and/or configured to meet high availability, integrity and reliability, security, and compliance requirements.
• Working with other engineers and architects on breaking-down, scoping and estimating tasks.
• Working with application teams for successful onboarding onto the Platform
• Participating in planning and retrospective sessions, attending stand-ups, etc.
• Be able to build and operate the highly available and scalable software and infrastructure.
• Day: stand-up/daily scrum with team in Agile framework, 2-week sprint periods; tracking work in Kanban; work on different tasks and provide updates; not always deploying at end of every sprint but working towards tasks set on roadmap

Candidate Requirements/Must Have Skills:

• 5+ years of experience with Cloud technologies (AWS, Azure), with at least 1+ year recent experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
[need at least 1 of these 3 requirements]
• 5+ years of experience with database technologies (SQL, Cloud SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, GCP/Azure Database Technologies
• 5+ years of experience with Cloud Managed Development/Services such as Google Cloud Storage
• 5+ years of experience with virtualized environments (VMWare, Virtual Servers)
• 5+ years of experience with container-based technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
• 1+ years of experience with development languages (Go, Python, etc.)
• 1+ years of experience with config management tools and Scripting Languages (Ansible, Bash, Groovy)

Nice-To-Have Skills:

• 5+ years of experience in using Infrastructure as Code tooling Like Terraform.
• 5+ years of experience in the use of CI/CD Tools
• Experience with Cloud Native Platforms, particularly Kubernetes, and associated technologies (e.g., Istio, Envoy, Anthos, Kustomize)
• Unix administration skills

Soft Skills Required:

• Good oral and written communication skills
• Passion for driving teams towards high performance and a deep pride in quality craftsmanship.
• Able to communicate with internal stakeholders on a call


• Bachelor (equivalent or higher) degree in computer science or engineering/mathematics discipline

Best VS. Average Candidate:

• Virtualization / Virtual Machine knowledge; strong experience with cloud technologies in relation to storage technologies or cloud database and virtualization
• Cloud platforms, technologies, methodologies, with focus on history of virtual machines and virtualized servers, and focus on GCP and all GCP Products service offerings and technologies; focus on virtualized environments; *must is experience with containerization with Docker or databases or storage

Candidate Review & Selection:

• 2 rounds:
o 1st – video MS Teams – technical interview with team (2-3 team members) – 1 hour – may involve a codility test (2 questions)
o 2nd – culture fit with HM and 1 more – in person ideally – 30 mins

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