Database Administrator – Oracle

Database Administrator – Oracle

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Story Behind the Need:

• The Global Technology Services (GTS) Tools and Monitoring group’s mandate is to provide insight to critical applications through the integration of real-time monitoring tools for our key Business Platforms with the goal of improving mean time to detect, automating response coordination, preventing impacts, and reducing mean time to resolve.
• The team is looking for a Senior Database Administrator to provide on-going support with the database upgrade and migration project.

Candidate Value Proposition:

• The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work within client. We are technology partners who help the business transform how our employees around the world work. You will get to work with and learn from diverse industry leaders, who have hailed from top technology.

Typical Day in Role:

• Review Vendor/Developer Specs and DB architecture
• Discussions to agree and finalize deployment specifics
• Data Sizing – estimate storage, retention, backups, RAID level, LUN requirements etc.
• Prepare database server install doc for System Administrator
• Request/install/configure cloud VM to meet Oracle RDBMS requirements
• Provision RDBMS and GI software on a single hardware/server unit including empty shell DB
• Create and certify Data Guard configuration
• Create application tablespaces, schemas, roles
• Enroll oracle/root and application accounts to CPA
• Configure listener and tns; create DB service; setup OEM and 368 monitoring, add dB monitor entry into wallet; setup stats jobs, setup AWR snap schedule, enable backup jobs, enable logs retention jobs, create DBA accounts
• DB migration using data pump or in-place upgrade
• Oracle Client setup on App server or middle tier server (SQL*NET, JDBC, ODBC)
• Some of application involve Setup/configure/test Delphix clone database
• Partitioning Setup including maintenance
• Some applications Setup TDE encryption per server
• Decommissioning database environment
• General database support, refreshes, backup / recovery, Annual BCP testing

Candidate Requirements/Must-Have skills:

• 8+ years of working experience as a Database Administrator
• 5-7+ years of hands-on experience with Oracle Installation – Database upgrades/migrations
• 5-7+ years of hands-on experience with Database creation and upgrade of Oracle database versions 12c & 19c
• 5-7+ years of hands-on experience with RAC (Real Application Cluster) and Automatic Storage Management (ASM) – setup, configure and support
• 5-7+ years of hands-on experience with Data Guard– Database replication tools, setup, configure and support

Nice-To-Have Skills:

• Familiar with Security and Auditing
• Oracle Certifications
• Experience working with executives
• Hands-on experience with Database performance and tuning
• Familiar with OEM/Grid Control (13c)
• Familiar with Oracle Exadata

Soft Skills:

• Excellent written, presentation, and verbal communication skills to be able to work well with technical peers and business stakeholders at different levels within the organization.
• Strong decision making, forward thinking and creative problem-solving skills to anticipate and respond quickly to technological/market influences.
• Ability to work as part of a team, as well as work independently or with minimal direction.

Best vs. Average Candidate:

• Relevant and recent experience with database upgrades and migration
• Core Oracle DBAs with database access
• Candidate who has worked in a large corporations


• Post-secondary degree in a technical field such as computer science, computer engineering or related IT field required

Candidate Review & Selection:

• One round MS Teams video interview – Hiring Manager & Technical Manager (1.5 hour):
o The interview will cover soft skills and technical components

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