Network Analyst – Capacity Management

Network Analyst – Capacity Management

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Day to Day Responsibilities:

• Responsible for monitoring Network Performance and Capacity, analyzing and projecting current and future growth needs for the WAN, LAN and Firewalls – within a high QoS enabled environment.
• Position requires analysis of data to ensure that the current Network infrastructure is being utilized optimally, recommend, track and report changes on an ongoing basis.

Must Have:

• Network performance capacity management
• Deep and wide knowledge of network platforms
• Router/Switches/Firewalls/LAN/WAN

Nice To Have:

• Leadership skills
• Bank/FI experience

Department Overview:

• Network Performance and Capacity is a group under Technology solutions, network operations and responsible for mance/ Capacity management and planning of the network infrastructure by identifying potential issues proactively and help in troubleshooting performance issues. And work with Pipeline ,Demand management and Line of business to manage available capacity and manage performance optimally and/or plan for acquiring for capacity.

Job Requirements- Important Skills:

• A strong technical background in key aspects of Network related IT infrastructure, including routers, switches, Firewalls, DNS & DHCP services, LAN/WAN circuits, etc.
• Must be strong at making necessary recommendations and following through with the entire process until implementation of the upgrades is complete or remedy of the issues being forecasted has been implemented.
• Experience working in large enterprise and coordination with multiple internal / external groups to complete the assigned tasks.
• Will need to do both high level as well as granular planning exercises with control over report generation, analysis, using ad-hoc processes while managing Capacity practices (related experience required.)
• Skills in using network sniffers, deriving details and potential issues by analyzing the traces, Platforms like Extrahop, Riverbed ARX and Netscout Infinistream
• Modeling skills in a tool like OPNET (preferred) in order to perform current and future modeling relating to Network WAN and other components would be a definite plus
• Experience in scripting or advanced tools like SQL extraction, Data Mining, etc. will also be considered a plus
• Skills in planning capacity for Wireless systems and VoIP would be preferred
• Skills and experience around Capacity planning within a QoS environment is a must
• Experience in doing performance and capacity management in emerging technologies like cloud (Azure,AWS) and SDWAN.
• Soft skills – working with people and resolving conflicts.
• The right candidate for this role would be: An expert network performance / capacity management who not only possesses the attributes and experience listed for this position, but have the uncanny ability to analyze trend, identify outliers.
• Would be deep and wide in the platforms we desire and have tooling and script writing abilities
• Adept at analyzing network traces to identify root cause of performance / capacity issues.


• Perform Performance/Capacity planning, monitoring, analysis, recommendation and tracking/reporting for the existing network and its elements – based upon data analysis and baseline trend analysis
• Support complex application performance related Incidents and contribute in high priority enterprise incidents.
• Work with Network as well as Client (LOB) Architects to stay on top of Network plans and projects coming down the pipeline with a 3-5 year view. Plan and assist to prepare the Network for the new projects. Assist them with the planning process and while assessing Network needs, upgrade requirements, etc.
• Work directly with client areas and also with the Relationship Managers while keeping abreast with client issues, plans, projects, reporting requirements and work towards delivering solutions
• Monitoring network capacity issues proactively, report and remedy them before a real incident.
• Provide consulting on testing new technology from capacity standpoint, come up with KPIs, thresholds and procedure for monitoring, alerting and reporting.
• Analyze packet traces for understanding application flows, derive issues related network Capacity to come out with recommendations for optimal use of the network.
• Maintain detailed growth models on an ongoing basis for each Line of Business based upon assimilated knowledge around current and upcoming projects.
• These projections will go as far out as 5 years into the future. Use this detailed model to actively plan for network WAN and LAN upgrades, provide input to the Network Architect as well as Engineering and ensure that upgrades occur in a timely manner.
• Custom creation and ongoing discussion and delivery of client reporting as well as internal reporting necessary for Engineering and planning purposes – as driven by Capacity needs.
• Help maintain the data mining process and report customization as needed. Maintain the Business group definitions on the sniffer appliances.
• Develop new and improved processes around Capacity for existing and new technologies as introduced from time to time, e.g., Wireless, VOIP, Video, etc.
• Keep strict control over Circuit utilization trends as well as QoS class of service utilization trends over a period of time and in the short run in order to recommend timely upgrades as well as Class of Service tweaking and “Application Optimization”
• Assess and report upon all areas of the Network that require Capacity planning, e.g., Firewalls, Load Balancers, Distributed Directors, International locations, etc.

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