Risk Analyst – Risk Management

Risk Analyst – Risk Management

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Summary Of Day To Day Responsibilities:

• Reporting into the Change Risk Management governance mandate within client Insurance Risk Management (CI RM), this second line of defense 2A role will conduct independent oversight, challenge, review and assessment on change initiatives which varies in size and scope from material change, new products new services, to projects under the EPDE methodology (Business Change Review).
• Change Risk Management is a vibrant area to be a part of while working alongside the business momentum and pace as their risk oversight partner.
• The individual is well versed and accountable for the compliance of enterprise change management frameworks, policies and programs while working closely with the first line and other oversight functions.


• This role will have oversight of Change initiatives while ensuring compliance to the enterprise outlined minimum requirements, support and help stabilize the business risk segment’s change risk management function, have proven risk profiling capabilities, including the following accountabilities
• Oversee and lead change management efforts and fulfill the client Insurance Risk Management mandate with a deep knowledge of project management and delivery processes, reporting, risk challenge and monitoring
• As a valued partner to the business and other control partners ensure the business change management process meets all risk assessment enterprise frameworks and segment standards including new business product approval oversight requirements. Facilitate a smooth transition, support and assist to steady state as client Insurance updates and complies with change risk management standards.
• Experience in change as it relates to technology deployment, technology testing, control testing, and reviewing business specific tools and applications for their reasonableness to mitigate risk.
• Work closely with risk and control partners engaging in independent challenge and review accountable to profile delivery risk and change risk management monitoring. For example, interactions with various corporate and business divisions not limited to: SSG-TPRM, Digital Channels, TRMIS, eTECH ORM, Cybersecurity, and Technology Solutions
• Leverage risk data and knowledge from other ORM programs and principles that assess risk such as KI, pRCSA, risk events, EBCCM, taxonomies and control assessments
• Knowledge in the banks major risk categories with the ability to provide guidance on the execution of independent change reviews; demonstrate ownership of the results and adjust tactics accordingly.
• Special ad hoc initiatives that may be driven by industry external risk events or required by regulators
• Collaborate, protect the interests of the organization, and act as a brand ambassador, share deep knowledge and build team value – problem solve as required, stay on top of emerging issues, trends, and evolving regulatory requirements
• Previous relevant experience in technology solutions, operations and processes, control assessment and testing methodology, risk/control, and risk management is an asset with the ability to connect technology risk and business impacts
• University degree or certificate in related field Business, Risk Management, Technology oversight areas etc.
• Knowledge of and experience in Insurance business and client Insurance systems an asset
• Experience in VBA, Python or other programming languages (including emerging technologies/technical methodologies), project management, technology testing, technology management, and technology development considered an asset
• Exercise a high degree of credible judgement, able to articulate with excellent communication skills, complex issues into an understandable concise manner to provide value-add risk assessment challenge and review
• Superior communication, strong problem-solving skills, a self-starter, consensus-building skills to challenge and influence change
• Ability to work effectively with diverse groups to identify issues, reach consensus and implement workable solutions.
• Ability to work in ambiguity, must be flexible to deal with changes in a fast paced and new environment, working closely with peers where subject matter expertise is required;
• Strong analytical skills, including risk analysis, data analysis, and comparative analysis and elevate the results for executive’s consumption; High degree of personal initiative with strong attention to detail
• Change risk assessment
• Any time there is a change we will ask this individual to review the change, understand the change, and advise on the risk involved in the change
• Experience with change and risk experience within projects

Must Have:

• Critical Thinking
• 5 years of experience within change or risk (within projects)
• Strong written and verbal communication

Nice To Have:

• Previous banking or insurance experience
• Experience in VBA, Python or other programming languages – to show that they understand – deal with people who talk about it a lot

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