ScrumMaster – Global FI

ScrumMaster –  Global FI

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Story Behind the Need

• Business group: Global Payment and Cash Management Technology
• Project – The current mandate is to institute fraud monitoring tools for business payments (non retail) originating within Client. The candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day management of Payment Fraud Monitoring Lab.
• Reason for request: Increase in Workload / Project

Candidate Value Proposition

• The successful candidate will not only have the opportunity to gain valuable experience at a top 5 Canadian bank, but also get exposure to fraud monitoring within Payments, a very sought after space to be in currently. This candidate will also have the opportunity to be extended and provide ongoing support to the bank depending on funding and performance.

Typical Day in Role

• As a ScrumMaster you will ensure the team enacts the agile principles, values and framework:
• Provide support to teams using a servant leadership style
• Coach the development team and help lead and insure the agile mindset is fully adopted and understood
• Inculcate core agile values of focus, commitment, respect, openness and courage into the teams ground rules through leading by example
• Assess and coach the team to higher levels of performance, tracking acceleration metrics
• Guide the development team on how to integrate agile ceremonies and values into daily work.
• Encourage an environment where open communication and collaborative problem solving can pave the way for faster removal of any impediments and where the impact of mistakes can be minimized through early detection, making them into learning opportunities
• Engage with the team and technical SMEs to identify technical debt risks and develop approaches to remediate
o Implement and promote use of agile methodology within the team:
• Facilitate agile ceremonies including iteration planning, iteration review, retrospectives, and daily standups
• Create a forum for discussing vision, goals, and Product Backlog items amongst the team
• Apply techniques for effective workflow visualization and management (e.g. Kanban or Scrum Boards)
• Identify, manage, and help mitigate issues and risks, with particular emphasis on timely removal of impediments for the team and/or directing obstacles to appropriate owners for quick resolution
• Facilitate identifying and enacting improvement strategies to increase the productivity of the team and quality of deliverables
• Ensure team execution and delivery to committed sprint work- maintaining the momentum of the initiative and upholding a sustainable pace of delivery; track agile metrics to provide statistical proof of momentum and sustainability
• Understand long-term product planning/ roadmap and help inform development teams to create quicker gains for the benefit of the end user
• Ensure that proper lightweight documentation (captured in artifacts such as program vision statement, program backlog, program roadmap, release plan, sprint backlog, and increments) is prioritized and added to the team’s backlog of work
• Compliance with Client policies and procedures for project delivery
o Develop and nurture strong partnering relationships with Product Owner/Business Sponsor and stakeholders:
• Develop strong partnership with the Product Owner to gain strong understanding of objectives, sustain open dialogue to manage product backlog efficiently
• Influence a wide range of stakeholders (business, compliance, Legal, IT, etc.) to remove impediments and maximize team output
• Support and educate the Product Owner on agile principles and practices to preserve the team from external pressures which may inhibit its productivity
o Contribute to building organizational capability and expertise on agile adoption:
• Lead and coach the organization in its agile adoption, sharing successes, artifacts, and experience to accelerate transition to new delivery models
• Communicate effectively across diverse audiences within and outside of the development team (Stakeholders, Executives), acting as a champion of the agile methodology
• Partner with Agile Coach and other agile teams to share findings, best practices, and resources to help mature the organization’s agility

Candidate Requirements/Must Have Skills:

• 3-5 years of IT experience in some capacity – preferably within or working with a large global FI
• 2+ years of People Management experience and/or leading large cross-functional/cross-regional teams on major organizational projects, preferably in an agile work environment
• 1-2 years of Scrum Master experience with a strong understanding of agile project management principles and practices coupled with working experience as a ScrumMaster in a recent project/initiative – preferably within banking – Payments is ideal
o Ideal is scrumming for software development – software development within a bank is the best

Nice-To-Have Skills:

• Payments experience is preferred

Soft Skills:

• Excellent communication skills both written and verbal to confidently lead Scrum
• Negotiation skills to work with the business partners and product owners to properly convey priorities
• Fast, adaptable learner – ability to think quickly on their feet and pivot
• Effective collaboration to work with other teams involved
• Comfortable working with high ranking individuals within the bank (Directors/VP regularly, Occasional SVP communications)

Degrees or certifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in a technical field such as computer science, computer engineering or related field preferred but not required
• ScrumMaster Certification (CSM) is preferred but not required

Candidate Review & Selection

• 2 Step Process: HM and Coach and Scrum Master – 2nd Round w/Director

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3 Months



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