Sr. Scrum Master

Sr. Scrum Master

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Typical Day in Role:

• Provide support to teams using a servant leadership style
• Inculcate core agile values of focus, commitment, respect, openness and courage into the team’s ground rules through leading by example
• Assess and coach the team to higher levels of performance, tracking acceleration metrics
• Guide the development team on how to integrate agile ceremonies and values into daily work.
• Encourage an environment where open communication and collaborative problem solving can pave the way for faster removal of any impediments and where the impact of mistakes can be minimized through early detection, making them into learning opportunities
• Facilitate agile ceremonies including iteration planning, iteration review, retrospectives, and daily standups
• Create a forum for discussing vision, goals, and Product Backlog items amongst the team
• Ensure that proper lightweight documentation (captured in artifacts such as program vision statement, program backlog, program roadmap, release plan, sprint backlog, and increments) is prioritized and added to the team’s backlog of work
• Compliance with Client policies and procedures for project delivery
• Communicate effectively across diverse audiences within and outside of the development team (Stakeholders, Executives), acting as a champion of the agile methodology

Candidate Requirements:

• Experience as a Sr. Scrum Master
• Scrum Master Certified preferably
• Managed Medium to High complexity Agile initiatives
• Facilitated Daily Stand-ups and sprint planning
• Strong communication – verbal & written

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