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UX Researcher

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Story Behind the Need

• Business group: The Digital Client Services and Reporting group is working on a working on re-modernization of Scotiabank Online. Throughout the multi-phase re-modernization, the group is engaging business users and the consumer page for feedback.
• Project: This role will entail working with cross-functional teams to research and consolidate information to create a more robust, streamlined system efficient with a high-functioning environment.
• Reason for request: Workload

Candidate Value Proposition

• The successful candidate will have an opportunity to engage and grow within the bank as they discover and interact with multiple business lines and consumers throughout the testing and validation process. Becoming a SME, the successful candidate will gain hands-on exposure to new cutting-edge testing methodologies.

Typical Day in Role

• Manage the testing and validation process daily
• Liaison with the designers and other researchers to select the right validation method then design, build and execute surveys and usability tests on the UserZoom platform (and occasionally SurveyMonkey platform).
• Collate and analyze results and communicate findings back to team, becoming an expert on validation and using UserZoom, passing on that understanding to team and helping to optimize our processes around it.
• Define intent – Partner with stakeholders to help them articulate their challenges and turn those challenges into research objectives / hypotheses
• Design the research plan – Assist in identifying the best research approach to meet the research objectives / test hypotheses
• Execute the research – Help facilitate both qualitative and quantitative research activities (e.g. observation, interviews, call listening, card sorts, journey mapping, co-creation, surveys, usability testing, etc.)
• Conduct secondary research as needed (e.g. research reviews, competitive research, etc.)
• Synthesize and share research findings – Synthesize and summarize findings from multiple data sources to identify insights and recommendations that inform design decisions
• Effectively share insights and recommendations with stakeholders
• Coach and empower others to do research – Be willing to teach and mentor people from other disciplines in various research activities to help drive our human-centered design culture
• Help advance our research capabilities- Stay up to date on the latest research trends and sharing that learning with the team

Candidate Requirements/Must Have Skills:

• 3-5-year User Design experience, working with primary research or secondary research methodologies
• Strong communication skills to articulate and clearly consolidate the research methodology throughout the testing cycle
• Patience to work with the business and consumer throughout the research validation and testing phases of the application – minimum 2 years working in a capacity proven completing similar tasks

Nice-To-Have Skills:

• Experience with user testing services like UserZoom is a major plus and will be prioritized
• Experience with design tools like Sketch, Axure, or Figma is an asset
• Experience working within Wealth Management will be highly prioritized

Degrees or certifications:

• Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree in design or a discipline related to the deep understanding of human behavior (e.g. Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Consumer Behavior, Human Factors or related field)

Candidate Review & Selection:

• 2 Step Process: 1-2 Microsoft Teams Interview
• Hiring Manager’s availability to interview: ASAP

Additional Notes:

• Hiring Manager is looking for an individual who has the research know how to validate and analyze results. The successful candidate will have patience to understand the process, ask the right probing questions and is not shy to call out something that can be presented better.

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