ProViso Referral Program

Our referral program is simple and designed by keeping you,
our partners in mind to inspire win-win partnerships!


Win a $500 bonus!

Join our Referral program and you could win a $500 bonus when you refer a friend/colleague to us; or when someone from your network directly applies using your dedicated link. No kidding. We will provide you with a dedicated link that you can post to your social channels and be able to track who applies using your link and their application status.

Why refer your friends to ProViso?

1. Full transparency

Access anytime, anywhere all your referral information and their placement status.

2. Easy to use state of the art technology

Modern technology used to track and manage all your referrals at your fingertips.

3. Refer your broader network with ease

Post your referral link on social media and track all professionals in your network who signed up using your link. You own these referrals for next 6 weeks.


4. No excuses

It does not matter if your referred friend is already in our database. It does not matter if your friend is placed by ProViso to a different job than the one you referred for. Three simple rules which are easy to track by you, and you get the bonus.

5. No time-limit pressure for placement

You have full ownership for all positions your friend is ‘submitted’ to in the next 6 weeks. We understand the interview process can be lengthy.

6. No ambiguity in bonus payout

You will be paid the bonus as soon as your referral completed 3 months in the new assignment. You can track the start date through our system.

Referral Rules


Refer your friend through our system; or they come through your dedicated link


If there is no written correspondence exchange with your friend in 6 weeks prior to your referral date, you have complete ownership to the referral for the next 6 weeks.


You will get the bonus if your referral is ‘placed’ for any job submitted during the 6 weeks period from the date of your referral. We track job submitted date (confirmed to your referral via email) and not placement date as we understand that interview process can take a lot longer.



Start referring today!

View our open IT jobs here to start referring your friends and colleagues.
Have a question? Contact us now and we will be happy to address any queries.
Our goal is to have a win-win partnership with you.

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