Why is data the most important asset for any organization? 7 Experts Roundup

Why is data the most important asset for any organization? 7 Experts Roundup

Data is one of the most important assets an association has because it defines each association’s uniqueness.

This article outline views from experts specifying Why is data considered to be the most important Asset in today’s for any organization?

Wale Fakeye

I’d say, in recent times, we have gone past the stage of how oil used to be the most valued asset but Data at our fingertips is more powerful, important and obviously here to stay. The monoliths (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) have shown us how data can be used as a tool to grow businesses, help campaigns, analyze trends as well as catering for business problems and providing solutions. My quick conclusion further explains the importance of data privacy, control and security because data is raw facts like we understand it to be, which when processed becomes information. Companies make a fortune out of this information whether allowed access or not and with the spread of Blockchain technologies, it is easier for individuals to restrict, control and monitor access to how identity online identity/data is used. Data is here to stay for the present and the future.

Megha Ramesh

Data has had always been associated with any organization, but in recent times, it has become a buzz word. This is because of the effectiveness that data analysis is bringing on the performance of any company. With new approaches like Big Data Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Predictive Analytics etc. , it is becoming easier for companies to target interesting leads and convert them to customers and to take data-driven decisions that could lead the company in a growing path. When you open YouTube, you would have probably observed how we get advertisements that interest us. That comes as a result of models that are capable of automatically analyzing our historical data and finding out our interests.

Data Analysis always starts with identifying problems and framing questions that need to be addressed. The data can be cleaned and transformed in a way such that it is capable of answering the questions we framed.  Once it is transformed, it can be analyzed through reports and visualizations to find the organization was performing in the past, how is it related to the present and how could it be improved in the future. Data is associated with every organization, but the growth of the organization is largely determined by how data is transformed into Business Intelligence to take the right decisions.

Piyali Chowdhury

Data is an asset and is one of the most important assets an association has because it is unique in its detail and context and can be used strategically to ensure we remain relevant and viable. Obviously, we are living in a data economy in which every business needs to become a digital business, going through a data-driven transformation is a must.

Every business activity creates a digital trace. Therefore, businesses need to deal with an overwhelming amount of data daily. The growing importance of data has started to change the nature of competition in the business world. If we are using it to your advantage and carefully include it as part of our IT strategy, data will help us to stifle our competition.

Data helps to improve products and services, increase customer satisfaction, maximize profitability, and operate more effectively. It also enables the development of artificial intelligence and machine leanings that extract value from data.

It also enables the development of artificial intelligence and machine leanings that extract value from data. Based on data algorithms can predict future events more accurately.”

Joydeep Guha

In today’s world, as we have budgetary constraints and everything comes with a huge price so whatever decisions the organizations take for the future has to be supported by solid evidence, which is nowadays data. This is an era of smart devices. These devices are producing a huge volume of data every second. All this data time if analyzed properly may be able to tell us future client, their spending behaviors, human relationship, Social sentiments, etc. An informed decision about the futuristic business model can only be made if an organization ingests and analyze related data to extract real value. Since data is carrying the second blueprint of human nature (after DNA) so it’s really becoming crucial day by day to process data meaningfully for everyone’s benefit.

Alex Jason

Data is an asset to any organization when it’s understood and correlated effectively to identify the underlying business problems and thereupon building a solution to address it. Sometimes data understood incorrectly can lead to major problems as business end up focusing in wrong directions. Also, organizations tend to overlook the small fluctuations in business and focus on larger problems, but data allows them to see the reality. As data evolves across different areas of business, it gives the organization endless opportunities to connect the missing dots and go for higher growth. The challenge for any organization is to get tangible benefits from the data (ex: financial, retail, sales data) and that happens only when there is a strong focus on data with a high-performance team of data analysts, statisticians, data scientists. Lastly, using data ethically in accordance with respecting the privacy of individuals and businesses matters the most for any organization.

Shreyas Gummadi

  • Data helps in improving the business processes and it helps in making informed decisions.
  • Data helps in addressing a specific problem with the help of historical data.
  • Data helps in tracking performance, analyzing data helps to understand the performance of a business model based on any changes made.
  • Data helps us in understanding the market and tailor products based on customer satisfaction.
  • Data helps in stocking inventory/preparing based on a prediction of future metrics
  • Data even helps in measuring a company’s success and employees’ productivity.
  • Data helps in identifying key metrics responsible for the performance of our business.
  • Data helps us to track industry trends and implement new strategies to keep up with the market.

Neil Liu

Data analysis is very important for 2 or 3 reasons for 1st reason is that data is everywhere and how you manipulate that data or how would you present data is really important to us because we all rely on to get the result. from the company’s perspective, they rely on data to get the result and need the data to monitor real present and get the future value to check if its worst or not. from a person’s perspective data is important as well so, for example, we use Google to get data to gather result for yourselves not only gathering data is important, how to present data or how to visualize.

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