5 Tips to Craft an Eye-Catching Resume Headline

5 Tips to Craft an Eye-Catching Resume Headline

Convincing a hiring manager or recruiter that yours is the resume they should take the time to read can feel a bit like having your lottery numbers drawn. If only there was a simple way to peak their interest the moment they set eyes on the page.

Well, there may be no better way to capture a hiring manager’s attention and persuade them to read on than by leading with an eye-catching headline.

Think of it as you would the headline of an article. If the headline doesn’t grab your attention, the likelihood of you reading the article itself is pretty slim. But a well-crafted headline — one that is concise, compelling and clear — has the power to draw you into an article you might otherwise have skipped right past.

The very same principle holds true when crafting a resume. Not only should the core content be air-tight, but leading off with a headline that packs a punch could mean the difference between having your resume read and having it filed away.


Here are a few tips to help you craft that pitch-perfect headline.

  1. Strike The Right Tone — Professional Yet Conversational
    Tone is not what you say, but how you say it. While striking a professional tone is always a sensible choice, being too robotic in your phrasing can detract from its impact. Finding a balance between professional and conversational can help you make a more distinct impression. Envision that you’re speaking the headline aloud to your reader — even try reading it out loud to see how it sounds — to find a tone that feels right.
  2. Use Keywords That Represent Your Highest Achievement
    With very limited space to make a big impression, it’s absolutely crucial that you choose your words carefully. Cut straight to the chase by identifying keywords that reflect your greatest professional accomplishment. This will ensure that your headline will make its impact.
  3. Highlight What Decision-Makers Need To Know About You
    No doubt, there are many things you can choose to include in your headline. But this is an opportunity to highlight the achievement, skill, or experience that most qualifies you for the role. Ask yourself, if there was just one thing that you could tell the employer about your qualifications for this role, what would it be?
  4. Show A Little Of Your Personality
    Anyone can detail their skills and experience in black and white. It’s much different, and far more appealing, to also infuse a bit of your own unique personality into the mix. The employer is looking to hire a human being after all, not a robot. Adding personality will inject flavour and will help to distinguish you from the rest of the pack..
  5. Keep It Short And Sweet — Limit Yourself To One Line
    It might be tempting to try and pack as much as you can into this headline, but eventually you will reach a point of diminishing returns. Remember, this is the title of your article — it’s best to limit yourself to a single line. This truly is a case of less is more.


Here are some examples of appealing resume headlines:

  • Accountant Meticulous Accountant and tax preparer with a customer-centric focus and CPA certification.

  • Applications Support Analyst – IT specialist with 10+ years of experience devoted to customizing stable, scalable software solutions for small businesses.

  • Cloud Engineer – 8 years of experience in helping companies transition IT Systems to the cloud to reduce downtime losses, cut costs and grow businesses.

  • Director – Results-oriented leader with comprehensive business and technical background.

  • Marketing Strategist – Savvy eCommerce Marketing professional with 10 years experience in UX, Mobile and Digital Media Strategies.

  • Project Manager – PMP certified Project Manager with a proven track record of delivering multi-million-dollar technology projects on time.

  • Recruiter – Experienced IT Recruiter who helps large companies like (Client 1) & (Client 2) in identifying top talent.

  • Software Engineer – Innovative Software Engineer with 7 years of experience in computer science, programming and design for industry-leading clients.

    Next Steps?

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